About Us

PR Business Link makes moving to Puerto Rico easier by connecting businesses and individuals moving to the island for Act 20 and Act 22 with the resources and service providers they need.

We launched in April 2016 with a vision to build a resource hub that new residents can use at each step of the process. From our tax incentive calculator, detailed tax guides and local business news, to the lifestyle videos and news about life on the island, we want to help you find the answers you're looking for. Most importantly, we offer a review-based directory of local service providers who have already worked with the Act 20 & 22 community. The results are driven by user reviews to help you find trustworthy companies to work with. 


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Our Founders

Founded by those familiar with the community of Act 20 & 22 recipients who have already moved to the island, the team at PR Business Link understands what business owners and investors are looking for.

Our Founders moved from the mainland to Puerto Rico to participate in the government tax incentive programs, between 2012 and 2015. Each learned first-hand the opportunities and challenges of moving here and saw an opportunity to help others avoid some of the obstacles. In particular, we wanted to create a website that helped people know which companies have dealt with other Act 20/22 clients and which ones are the best. 

Lisa Cogliati

Lisa Cogliati, Founder & CEO

With over 10 years experience in the advertising industry working on interactive and traditional projects, Lisa has developed a strong background in client service.  Now working in Puerto Rico, Lisa can apply her strengths in account management and project management toward bridging the gap between local businesses and those moving to the island and in need of their services.

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Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison, Founder & Sales Director

Experienced Financial Trader and Entrepreneur. Michael has a natural ability to build teams and connect people. Built a start-up in the US Energy Services sector to develop, grow & IPO (NYSE: GNE). Founder of PRBusinessLink. Effective fund-raiser with strong international relationships, combined with local ties with the Act 20/22 community in Puerto Rico.

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Loida Bouchard

Loida Bouchard, Founder & Finance Director

With years of experience as a corporate accountant and business analyst, Loida is a valuable member of our founding team. Having moved to Puerto Rico for Act 20/22, Loida is familiar with the steps and considerations involved in such a move.

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If you have questions or would like to have your business listed on this site, please email us at customer.service@prbusinesslink.com.