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Ship or Buy?

Deciding to ship your belongings from the mainland US to Puerto Rico, or buying new once you get here, can be a difficult decision. Some of the questions you'll ask are 

  • How long will shipping take and what I do while my belongings are in transit?
  • Do I need as much stuff in Puerto Rico? (winter clothes, blankets, sporting equipment ... not much use in PR)
  • How much will it cost to ship? 
  • How much will it cost in Puerto Rico to replace everything?

The answers vary widely depending on what you are planning to bring to Puerto Rico. 


Relocation options

If you decide to ship some or all of your belongings, consider booking the move with one of the Puerto Rico transportation companies. They will be the ones to make the delivery in PR so if anything was damaged along the way, you have a local contact to help resolve the issue. They all work with networks of other transportation companies and have experience with booking moves from other states.

Find a relocation specialist with good reviews for your move.  


Local Furniture Stores

If you want to buy all new items in Puerto Rico, or like Lisa did only replace the big items, here are a few furniture stores you should consider.

Rooms to Go

Ambiente Morderno
Berrios Te Da Mas
  • The website is consistent with US site, most items translate to English:
  • This is more like the other furniture stores in that you look at the demos in the showroom and place an order. They do not have a big warehouse where you can pick up the items and take home same-day. 



22 Nov 2016

By PR Business Link