High-speed internet options in Puerto Rico

One of the most important things to set up once you have an address in Puerto Rico is your internet service. Whether you’re working from home or simply streaming movies, fast internet is essential. Luckily, there are reliable options across the whole island and some fiber options in the San Juan metro area.

Puerto Rico Internet

Based on an informal poll of Facebook Act 20/22 group, here are the top 4 internet service providers that new residents are using:  

  1. Liberty
  2. Gigabit1 by AeroNet
  3. OpticoFiber
  4. Claro 

For more information about internet usage throughout the island, see connectpr.org. This website has an interactive map of coverage areas as well a survey about what level of service people are getting and how satisfied they are (the results are viewable after you take the survey).


How easy is it to sign up?

For the most part, it is easy to set up a new account and installation. However, not all of the internet service providers are available in all regions so you may be limited in choice depending on where you move. We’ve listed details about each ISP, including the current pricing (as of April 2017) for their highest speed internet package.

Liberty Cable

  • Liberty Cable is available in most areas of Puerto Rico. Although they don’t have a full map, they do list San Juan, Carolina, and Dorado to name a few.
  • Website is only available in Spanish so may be more of a challenge to understand what you’re getting. You can call and speak to someone in English though. 
  • $150/month + taxes & fees
  • 300 Mbps down / 20 Mbps
  • 1-year contract
  • www.libertypr.com/internet 

Gigabit1 by Aeronet

  • Only available in certain building in San Juan metro area
    • The parent company, Aeronet, does cover the rest of the island but uses microwave instead of fiber and is relatively expensive for the speeds you get.
  • $70/month + tax and one-time installation fee
  • 500Mbps up + down
  • 1-year contract
  • www.gigabit1.com/for-home.html 

Optico Fiber

  • Covers neighborhoods in San Juan, Carolina, Bayamon, and Guyanabo
  • Sign-up may be difficult
    • “To get service for your home, you need to sign up and choose a plan before the sign up period for your fiberhood ends. […] If your fiberhood qualifies, we'll begin construction in your fiberhood shortly after the sign-up period ends. This process will take some time. Once we're ready to connect you, we'll get in touch and schedule a time for an Optico Fiber team member to come to your house and install your equipment.”
    • “If your fiberhood is listed as constructing or constructed, your sign-up period has ended and you cannot sign up for Optico Fiber at this time.”
    • $10 registration fee
  • $70/month + tax and fees
  • 1,000 Mbps up + down
  • 2-year contract
  • https://optico.criticalhub.com/plans


  • Operates over their cellular network and have options for mobile phone and internet bundled
  • Website is only available in Spanish so may be more of a challenge to understand what you’re getting
  • Prices for speeds above 10 Mbps not listed on their website
  • http://www.claropr.com/portal/pr/sc/personas/internet/


Tip: “red” in Spanish means “network” in English


What about mobile coverage?

Most of the US-based mobile carriers perform well on the island, with the exception of Verizon. Many new residents have had issues with their coverage and end up switching to another carrier. Top mobile carriers used are AT&T, Claro, T-Mobile, Open Mobile, and Sprint.



10 Apr 2017

By PR Business Link