Mailing Packages to and from Puerto Rico

One of the top questions about moving to Puerto Rico is how easily you’re able to get things. As one of the most developed islands in the Caribbean, there are plenty of stores to shop from locally. But with the increase in online shopping it’s good to know that you can still get fast and affordable delivery. For example, Amazon Prime applies to Puerto Rico but instead of the 2-day shipping it’s 3-7 days.

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However, not all companies consider Puerto Rico “domestic” and may charge significantly more to deliver small packages to the island.


Best Options for Mailing to Puerto Rico

  • United State Postal Service ( –  the rates for shipping to and from Puerto Rico are the same as any state. The only downside is that you may not be able to get 1-day priority when shipping to PR, but 2-day is still an option.
  • UPS – domestic rates apply to packages shipped from the continental US to Puerto Rico but may take a bit longer to arrive. But with next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and Ground options, you can select the best options for what you’re mailing. They also have an interactive map that helps you determine how long a package may take to ship via ground shipping.

 UPS Shipping times to Puerto Rico Map


Other Options

Other delivery companies, like Fedex and DHL, also deliver to Puerto Rico but you’ll pay international rates.

Another option is to set up a freight forwarding account. This can be helpful if you plan to ship large items or order from websites that do not offer shipping to Puerto Rico. It is more expensive but a good option, especially if you plan to renovate your new home with high efficiency appliances or custom furniture that you can’t otherwise get to Puerto Rico. All shipments to Puerto Rico leave from Jacksonville FL and there are many shipping and delivery companies that offer freight forwarding. 



15 Dec 2016

By PR Business Link