Articles in Moving to Puerto Rico

Moving to Puerto RicoFind information and news about moving to Puerto Rico for Act 20 & 22. Where it's about importing your car and belongings, finding real estate, or bona fide residency requirements, these articles will help make your move easier. 

From The Act 20 & 22 Community: Buying Furniture


Lisa tells us about her decision to buy new furniture in Puerto Rico instead of shipping from the mainland. ... Read full article

Top 5 Search Tools for Real Estate in Puerto Rico


Finding real estate in Puerto Rico can be a challenge if you don't know the market, the language, or the resources available. The San Juan Realty Group explains the top 5 resources you can use to find your home in Puerto Rico.... Read full article

IRS Form 8898 for Puerto Rico Residents


As a new resident of Puerto Rico you will need to inform the IRS of your move and becoming a bona fide resident of the territory. This is done with IRS Form 8898 and includes a range of questions about your move and income.... Read full article