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Moving to Puerto RicoFind information and news about moving to Puerto Rico for Act 20 & 22. Where it's about importing your car and belongings, finding real estate, or bona fide residency requirements, these articles will help make your move easier. 

IRS Form 8898 for Puerto Rico Residents


As a new resident of Puerto Rico you will need to inform the IRS of your move and becoming a bona fide resident of the territory. This is done with IRS Form 8898 and includes a range of questions about your move and income.... Read full article

Moving to Puerto Rico: Where to Live


Top 5 areas in Puerto Rico that new residents with Act 20 & Act 22 decrees are moving to. Find out what the appeal and drawbacks are for new residents of San Juan, Dorado, Palmas Del Mar, Rio Mar, and the West Coast of Puerto Rico. ... Read full article