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You will at various times in the life of your Act 20 and/or Act 22 decree, or as resident of Puerto Rico, need to have documents notarized. This should be a simple task that can be done quickly at any notary office, usually without an appointment.


Puerto Rico Notaries

Puerto Rico law follows Civil Law when it comes to family law, real property law, and contract law, to name a few. Common Law in Puerto Rico, which is practiced in the states, is applied to constitutional law, bankruptcy law, and criminal law.

Within the civil law system Puerto Rico has established civil-law notaries. This type of notary differs from public notaries that you find in the states in that all notaries in Puerto Rico are also practicing lawyers.

“A civil law Notary has training and duties similar to an attorney, and is authorized to prepare legal documents, authenticate transactions and advise participants in certain legal matters.”(source:

You will most likely need a notary when it comes to real property law if buying or selling a home or car and contractual law for your decree(s). The key times you will need a notary for your tax incentive decree:

  • Submitting decree application
  • When accepting your decree
  • Submitting you annual report

Finding a notary (notario in Spanish) is fairly easy as they are numerous notaries in each municipality. Since all notaries are lawyers, you can go to any Notary and be sure of the validity of their services.



Notaries in Puerto Rico are bound by set rates established by law (last amendment was 209 of 2015). However, most rates in the law are specific to property with a set value. There is no set rate for nonvaluable documents relating to the authorization of testimonies, sworn statements and authentication of signatures or affidavits, instead the law states that “the notarial fees shall be fixed by agreement between the parties and the notary.” The cost typically ranges from $30-$40 depending on where you go. 


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22 May 2017

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