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Dorado, PR
Highly Recommend!

I used Marianela Negron to help me get my PR Drivers License. She knew exactly what documents I needed, I sent everything to her in advance. She went to the office for me and when I met her there, I was 100% prepared and got my license in about 10 minutes. I HIGHLY recommend any of her services. She is on the ball! I will definitely use her again.

April 2017

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Carolina, PR
Excellent Service

PR Luxury Concierge & Marianela, Thank you for helping us get though a very difficult period. My wife and I relocated to the San Juan area with her employer. Neither she nor I speak Spanish, so Marianela was instrumental in explaining and guiding us though our relocation to PR. Just dealing with the DMV and licensing process is to say least a real challenge. She made it seamless providing names, address, required documents we needed to get done . I highly recommend PR Luxury Concierge and Marianela to ease your worries about moving to the Island. Thank you Lagretta and Buddy

February 2017

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San Juan, PR
Helped achieve the smoothest transition from US to PR

Wow wow wow! Marianela at PR Luxury Concierge could not have been a better resource to help transition me to PR. I initially was referred to Marianela by the PR Business Link team, and I am SO glad that I was able to work with her. Marianela can and will handle everything from hiring a dogsitter to helping me get a PR drivers’ license to arranging all of the details needed to ship my car and other belongings from the US down to PR. In a very swift, organized manner, she pings you for all of the information she/ you will need to get certain things done, and she takes care of it all. She bills on a very fair, hourly basis for each task performed, and she is honest and clearly believes in her work in that she does not require a deposit, nor does she bill anything until a task is successfully completed. And I have yet to find a task that she can’t do! She is very responsive via email, which makes for easy delegation of tasks from the states, and it makes it that much easier because I was working with one person for most everything I needed to get set up. She can accomplish and work with both personal and work-related tasks. For executives and families alike who are looking for a person to get everything set up for them before they arrive, Marianela and PR Luxury Concierge is 100% who you should hire!! Thank you, PR Business Link for the awesome referral!

May 2016

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