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Can I benefit from Act 20/22?
Act 20 and Act 22 are two separate tax incentives in Puerto Rico that were created to help boost the economy by attracting investors and businesses to the island. Act 20 is for companies and Act 22 is for individual investors. Many choose to apply for both, depending on their income source. Try our tax incentive calculator to see how you may save by moving to Puerto Rico with Act 20 and/or Act 22.
What is Act 20?
Act 20 is a tax incentive for businesses in Puerto Rico that are exporting services off the island. With this tax incentive companies pay 4% corporate tax, 0% on dividends (to Puerto Rico residents) and have 60% tax exemption on municipal taxes. To learn more about Act 20 and whether your company is eligible, visit
What is Act 22?
Act 22 is a tax incentive in Puerto Rico for individual investors who move to the island. With Act 22, investors who become bona fide residents of Puerto Rico receive 100% tax exemption on capital gains and 100% tax exemption on interest and dividends from Puerto Rico sources. Learn more about the benefits and requirements of Act 22 at
Is Puerto Rico safe?
Living in Puerto Rico is generally safe. Like any city or state, there are areas that are less safe and you should always be aware of your surroundings wherever you go. Many new residents moving to the island for Act 20/22 have chosen to live in areas like Dorado, Palmas Del Mar, Condado, Guaynabo, and more and more on the west coast in Isabella and Rincon. If you are looking for added security you can find a home within a gated community or live in an apartment or condo that has on-site security guards and cameras.
Do I need to move to Puerto Rico for Act 20/22?
If you are applying for Act 22, yes you need to move to Puerto Rico and become a bona fide resident. The minimum time on the island is 183 days but with the beaches, sailing, golfing, and rainforest you may want to stay the whole year! If you are applying for Act 20, the company does need to move operations (in whole or in part) to Puerto Rico and perform the services from the island. As an owner of an Act 20 company you do not necessarily need to move. The company must employ at least 5 people locally but if the Puerto Rican entity is only providing a portion of your company's services or if you'd prefer not to have an operating role, you can remain in your current home state and still receive some tax savings.
I need help with my PR Business Link account
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