Tax Guides

Learn more about tax incentives and considerations when moving to Puerto Rico.

Act 20 Puerto Rico

Guide to Act 20 for Export Services

Act 20, The Export Services Act, provides reduced corporate tax rate as well as tax exemption on dividends to eligible service-related businesses.

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Act 22 Puerto Rico

Guide to Act 22 for Individual Investors

Act 22 provides 100% exemptions on interest, dividends and certain capital gains to eligible applicants who are bona fide Puerto Rico residents. 

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Transfer Pricing study in Puerto Rico

Understanding Transfer Pricing Studies

Puerto Rico transfer pricing study how-to, examples, best practices and guides for Act 20 companies

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Act 20/22 Infographic

Moving to Puerto Rico for Act 20/22 Infographic

See the typical steps involved with moving to Puerto Rico for Act 20 & 22 tax incentives.

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The Benefits of Doing Business in Puerto Rico

Benefits of Business in Puerto Rico

There’s more to doing business in Puerto Rico than Act 20 and Act 22 tax incentives. Here are some of the top benefits…

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Puerto Rico Tax rates 2016

Puerto Rico vs. U.S. taxation

Puerto Rico is part of the US but considered a foreign country for taxation. Learn how this affects your taxes in Puerto Rico.

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Value Added Tax (VAT) Explained

Value Added Tax (VAT) Explained

Puerto Rico had planned a Value Add Tax (VAT, or IVU in Spanish) to go into effect June 1, 2016. It was cancelled at the last minute, leaving the existing Sales & Use tax.

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